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Afternoon everyone! For this Mingo Monday reveal, we'd like to share with you this render of the current design for our new beaks. Waaaay scarier and *extremely* threatening, with angry eyes and a 10mm sharpened Hardox core, ready to pecc through all of your armours. 2 of these, firing a combined 6 times a second and each with 20x the motor power of the original 2HDF's beaks, we're not messing around.The render also shows one of our axe gearboxes that you saw in testing last week - the tests that identified that we should, quite honestly, have m o r e s p e e d. More tests have already been underway with the new 12:1, roughly 3x faster, reduction and boy, do we have some cool stuff to show you on a future Mingo Monday! #raindownthepecksMuch love,Craig, Felix, Joe and Samxo ... See MoreSee Less
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It's Mingo Monday again!This time, presenting to you a few clips of our axe tests over the last few months, and a little bonus on the end 😀 hope you enjoy!Few notes of worth for those interested, these tests are using the new gearboxes but the old chassis and necks/beaks, all of which will be replaced in due course. Additionally, though we *really* enjoyed the last few tests, there's definitely some stuff we'd like to change, so we'll be doing more tests soon with a different reduction for more speeeed on the axes :Oyoutube.com/watch?v=FKuLh98tHqYMuch love,Craig, Felix, Joe and Samxo ... See MoreSee Less
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Awww, it molted! Just wait until it's brave enough to come into the light with it's new plumage... 🙂We'll be doing some axe tests with the new mechs on the old chassis this weekend - try to catch them live via the Bristol Bot Builders Build Weekend!Craig, Felix, Joe and Samxo ... See MoreSee Less
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Hey guess what we got some more of! Pretend you're in a terrible cult with one of our iron-on patches!Available again at bbb.gd/mingopatch ... See MoreSee Less
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Not that we've been particularly subtle... 🙂🦩🦩#mingo4bb21 ... See MoreSee Less
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Throwback to mid-2019, when the avians were ready to ship out to RoboNerd! Both so little and so much have happened since then. We have so very much to share with you...#mingo4bb21 ... See MoreSee Less
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